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Angel has a fic list :D All organised and linked for your convienience. I can't guarentee that I'll get new fics posted here straight away but I'll do my best to keep it up to date XD  Ok people, have at it :) 

Fullmetal Alchemist

The Christmas corruption fics

Title: Ed's Christmas Quickie
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sacrilegious?? XD Oral, bad singing...
Words: 1504

Title: Roy's Revenge -- parts one, two
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Bondage, Kink, Anal, Rim, Oral, there's probably more too.
Words: 10,827 (altogether)

Title: Christmas gifts
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG 13, maybe
Warning: mentions of man sex and toys
Words: 1,036

Title: Christmas Dinner
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed, Al, Pinako
Rating: NC - 17
Warning: Smex, bad jokes, Roy being an ass
Words: 2,898

Multi-chapter fics

Title: Karaoke – parts one, two
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: NC - 17
Warning: Here be smut XD And language
Words: 16,990 (altogether ish)

Title: The Secret Smut Diaries of Edward Elric, parts onetwo  
Pairings/Characters: Ed/Russ, Roy/Ed, Havoc/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Swearing, sex, fantasies XD
Words: 15,528

Bday and xmas gift fics

Title: Random crack
Characters: Falman/Armour!Al, Ed, Armstrong
Rating: PG – 13 – mainly for the crack and mentions of badness ^^;
Warnings: CRACK!!!!! Yes that deserves its own warning! Mentions of boy smex. CRACK!!!
Words: 1,895 ish

Title: Blow out the candle
Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG – 13
Warnings: Mild swearing, talks of nakedness, implied man love (it wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t any of that XD)
Words: 1,225

Title: The Club
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Wrath
Rating: NC – 17 (I think ^^;)
Warning: Public acts of indecency, AU, more than likely ooc, frottage
Words: 1,261

Fic-contest fics

Title: Deep in thought.
Characters: Ed, Al
Rating: U (Family friendly)
Warning: Bad attempt at humour?
Words: 208

Title: Creative writing
Pairing/Characters: Eduard (alternate Ed)
Rating: U (family friendly)
Warning: Don’t think there are any…
Words: 473

Title: Questions
Pairing/Characters: Al
Rating: G
Warning: Angst
Words: 209

Title: Black cats
Pairing/Characters: Ed
Rating: G
Warning: Stupidity?? Bad writing??
Words: 165

Title: Scent/Search/The Promise
Pairing/Characters: Al, Roy, Ed, Maes
Rating: G - PG 13
Warning: Implied yaoi, angst
Words: 354/194/481

Title: Nightmares
Pairing/Characters: Ed, Roy, Al
Rating: PG-13
Warning: A whole lot of angst.
Words: 726

Title: Sorry
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: G, I can’t seem to get away from these family friendly fics.
Warning: A whole lot of angst.
Words: 500

Title: Understanding
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13 just in case
Warning: Angst, written while tired.
Words: 358

Title: Q & Q??
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed, Havoc
Rating: PG - 13 ish
Warning: Adult concepts, swearing, stupidity.
Words: 212

Title: Q & Q?? Descriptive included
Pairing/Characters: Ed/Roy, Havoc
Rating: PG - 13 ish
Warning: Adult concepts, swearing, stupidity.
Words: 1,506

Title: The Bar
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed, Alex Armstrong (I promise you, he’s there)
Rating: PG-13 ?? Maybe
Warning: CRACK, Erm…Bleach may be needed. OOCness.
Words: 499

Title: Only in my dreams
Pairing: Roy/Fem!Ed
Rating: NC - 17
Warnings: Little bit of Het loving (Oh God help me, I’ve written het 0.o) Slightly OOC (maybe a bit more than slightly). Abuse of italics, swearing, only checked through once so probably some mistakes too
Word count: 1,580

Drabbles / Ficlets

Title: Enough
Pairing/Characters: Ed et al – sort of.
Rating: G
Warning: None
Words: 193

Title: His fault
Pairing/Characters: Al
Rating: G
Warning: Copious amounts of angst
Words: 450

Title: Living in dreams.
Pairing/Characters: Al
Rating: G
Warning: Angst
Words: 196

Title: To live or die
Characters: Paninya, mentions of Dominic
Rating: PG
Warning: Angst??
Words: 536

Title: Fluffy Elricest
Pairing/Characters: Al/Ed
Rating: G
Warning: Shoutaesque, Elricestesque, so not me!!
Words: 374

Title: Fear
Pairings: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG
Warning: Shows the insanity of the writer...
Words: 626

Title: Debriefing
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG
Warning: Innuendo??
Words: 166

Title: I Remember
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluffy angst?? Is there such a thing??
Words: 395

Title: Never Let Go
Pairing/Characters: ?/? I don’t want to give it away.
Rating: PG for implied boy love
Warning: Angst. Badly written song fic. Maybe slightly OOC.
Words: 932

Title: Insanity
Pairing/Characters: Havoc/Ed
Rating: PG-13
Warning: None that I can think of…
Words: 321

Pairing/Characters: Havoc/Ed
Rating: PG 13
Warning: Crack, slight swearing, first kiss XD
Words: 614

Title: Dreams
Pairing/Characters: Hei/Ed (A first for me)
Rating: PG 13???
Warning: Angst, implied yaoi
Words: 860

Title:  Scrabble
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13 – for word usage
Warning: Pure crack, OOC-ness, Lang
Words: 596

Title: The photo
Pairing/Characters: Maes/Roy
Rating: PG-13
Warning: swearing, copious amounts of alcohol
Words: 446

Title: The shirt (crappy title is crappy)
Pairing: Alfons/Al/Ed (So help me God, I've been converted)
Rating: Pg-13
Warning: PG for mentions of nudity and gay smexings
Word count: 650

Title: Calculations
Pairing/Characters: Armstrong/Fuery
Rating: NC 17
Warning: Crack, Oral, Eyewash needed XD Brainwash needed!! OOC (well obviously)
Words: 830


Title: Winry’s revelation
Characters: Winry, Nellie (she was in episode 17 for all of 5 seconds – original anime)
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of girl love
Words: 1,801

Title: Angel Delight and the seven short people
Pairing/Characters: Havoc, Roy, Ed etc Pretty much all of them.
Rating: PG 13 for language
Warning: Crack, slight swearing, really bad attempt to rewrite a fairy tale. Slight crossover with Bleach
Words: 4745

Title: Three little words
Pairing/Characters: Fuery/Armstrong O.o
Rating: NC 17
Warning: Crack, Anal, Eyewash and brainwash needed!! OOC (well obviously)
Words: 1195





Title: Urahara and his guy
Pairing/Characters: Urahara/Ichigo
Rating: PG 13
Warning: Implied yaoi – does that need a warning?? Crack
Words: 497

Title: Cracktastic drabble .
Pairing/Characters: Renji/Ichigo, Havoc/Roy/Ed
Rating: NC 17
Warning: Oral, crack – yes this does deserve a warning, trust me :D
Words: 1,105

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