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Title:5/20 (because I fail at titles and I can’t think of anything else)
Pairing:It’s Roy/Ed day, what other pairing would I write today?!
Rating:Not even a PG at a guess.
A.N:I haven’t written in forever and I feel so rusty. I wanted to at least do something for today considering how much FMA means to me so I opened up a word document at work and this happened. I wasn’t going to post it because of reasons but I have been informed that it is sweet and that I would be depriving the FMA fandom of it if I didn’t share so here it is. I did a few tweaks when I got home and changed a few bits here and there, I hope it suffices.


He pushed open the door and was welcomed by the smell of food, possibly Italian. He hung his coat and headed for the kitchen following the smell, his stomach telling him to move faster than he was because it wanted to taste the food that smelled so good. He could see a soft, muted light coming from ahead and he wondered just what exactly he should be expecting.

When he reached the kitchen door he couldn’t help but smile at the sight that greeted him. The table was decked out with their best tableware, candles sat in the centre already glowing, and a small box sat wrapped at one of the place settings.

‘Shit!’ Roy looked away from the table towards the sound of the voice and caught Ed glaring at him from over the bin. ‘You’re early. Why are you early?’

‘How is this early? It’s the same time I always get home.’

‘Is it?’ As Ed looked at the clock, Roy could see his eyes open wider. ‘Shit.’ Roy had always loved Ed’s command of the Amestrian language. ‘I wanted to hide the evidence before you got back.’ Roy noticed the take-out boxes from their favourite Italian restaurant sticking out of the bin, Ed obviously having been in the process of beating them down to fit.

‘Ed, there is no way I would have believed you’d cooked this, it looks edible.’

‘Hey, my cooking isn’t that bad!’

‘You set off the smoke detector boiling water.’

‘That only happened once.’ Roy smiled at the memory of a panicking Ed as he’d tried to turn off the alarm and waft the smoke out of the backdoor simultaneously. Roy had ended up helping when it had become obvious that Ed couldn’t reach the detector’s button. It had led to weeks of short jokes and a short period of withheld sex until said short jokes had ended. Still, despite the deprivation, Roy enjoyed the memory.

‘So Ed, care to explain why you’ve gone to so much effort tonight? I know it’s not our anniversary, I always remember that.’

‘I thought it was time to renew a promise.’

‘Okay, you’re going to have to explain that one.’

‘Just open the box.’

Roy walked over to the small box sat on the table. He lifted the lid and looked inside not quite sure what to expect. When he saw the note his features passed from confusion to realisation, a brilliant smile forming when he remembered just which promise Ed was referring to. He was amazed Ed had remembered and a surge of love swept through him for the younger man. The note simply said ‘IOU 520c’.

‘I told you I’d pay you back once you were running this country. I know you’ve had a few obstacles thrown in your way, some more painful than others, but they’re nothing you can’t overcome. Hughes may not be here anymore to push you to the top like he promised, but I am and I promise you, we’ll get there together.’

Roy was overwhelmed, which didn’t happen very often. Ed wasn’t overly open about his feelings, of course Roy knew that Ed loved him but Ed wasn’t really one for displays like this. Usually when he said I love you it was followed by the word bastard. So the fact that he’d gone to so much effort to say this to him made it that much more amazing. Roy had been flagging lately, he’d started to think that he’d gone as far as he could go but now, knowing Ed had noticed and had put this together to show his support and to put Roy back on track, he knew he could go all the way.

He put the box and the IOU back on the table and swept Ed into his arms. He held him against his body and kissed the top of his head.

‘I love you, Edward Elric.’

‘I know.’ Ed’s arms wrapped themselves around Roy’s body and his head angled up just perfectly for them to kiss.

The kiss lasted for a long time and by the time they pulled apart the food was cold and the candles had all but burnt down but Roy didn’t care. He held Ed close, all the while plotting how he would make it to the top, how he would succeed, and how he would take this man there with him.

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